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Planning Your Visit

​​Expedite Registration


-Download and fill out paperwork at home and bring it to your visit.  Please bring these forms, along with your current insurance information to your visit. Should you have any questions regarding the information requested in these forms, please do your best and our office staff will answer all of your questions at your appointment.


Click Here to Download Forms

Initial Consultation

-Your first visit with us may require between 1-3 hours of your scheduled appointment. The length of time accounts for patient registration, time for eye dilation, retinal testing and any in-office treatments you may require.

Follow up visit

-Follow up visits are typically shorter than initial consultations. However, the length of time required often depends on the nature of your visit. ​​


​Eye Dilation​


-Please expect to have your eyes dilated, as it is the only way that your retina can be properly examined. 

-The dilation effect typically lasts for a few hours and makes the eyes very light-sensitive. Sunglasses will be provided if you do not have them.


​-Dilation may also make your vision temporarily blurry and make driving difficult, so please plan accordingly.

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